Construction Company in Colorado

Kapella Design is a new division of Colorado’s stalwart building and Construction Company, Global Construction LLC. Borne out of the idea to bridge the gap between the fundamental logistics of modern building construction and the creative design elements of savvy architectural and interior design, we’re looking to bring future architectural design Denver-based building aesthetics to the forefront of Colorado and Florida’s building industry.

Combined, we bring over 25 years of experience in building and designing residential and commercial structures. There simply is never a job too big for Global Construction or Kapella Design. No matter your vision, we’ll be sure to execute it and turn your dreams into reality.

Residential Interior Designer Miami
Having been working within the Florida market for over 5-years, we are also a go-to residential interior designer for the greater Miami region! Please feel free to reach out to us regarding this newfound opportunity.


Our Mission

Here at Kapella Design, our mission is simple; we want to increase the quality of Colorado and Florida’s architectural aesthetic by providing cutting-edge and innovative interior design services for our valued clients. We want to be your go-to Colorado and Florida Architectural Design Firm, and that starts right here.

Because we’re a new division of Global Construction, we have a leg up on the competition. Not only are we fully versed and experienced in modern building techniques, but we also have the knowledge, the experience, and the resources required to translate our architectural and interior design plans from conception to completion.

Our ultimate mission is to ensure that we fully implement the vision of our clients, no matter how advanced it may be. Trust us, here at Kapella Design, we’re ready to get the job done.

Our Vision

In our minds, we’re more than just another interior design firm; here at Kapella Design, we’re looking to completely transform Colorado and Florida’s design aesthetic. By bridging the gap between modern building techniques and innovative designs, we’re helping to redesign Colorado and Florida’s building aesthetic, one project at a time.